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Spreading Kindness One Metta Moment at a Time

The Metta Students Foundation is a 501C non-profit organization founded promote acts of kindness by high school students. The birth of the Metta Students Foundation began in October of 2012 when Metta Students Founder Norm Kelly heard of one teens act of kindness to another while taking class at Raffa Yoga. Norm was so moved by this teens compassion he wanted do to more to reward other teens who go out of their way to #sharemetta.

At the Metta Students Foundation we believe in the power of kindness to improve people’s lives and change the world. We believe in our youth who will be taking on the world with love and compassion. We are truly proud of our amazing Metta Winners who continue to #sharemetta in college, careers and beyond. Do you know a potential Metta Student? Nominate them today, please let us know. Your nomination could help us change the world one metta moment at a time.