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January 2020 - Braintree, MA

Maddie Farell

The entire Thayer Academy Upper School student body gave Maddie a “Standing O” as she was introduced as the 65th Metta Students recipient. Maddie has been leading the Thayer Academy’s Special Olympics program on Saturday mornings for the last two years with enthusiasm, kindness and passion. She is committed and patient, reliable and competent. Maddie does not seek or expect any attention for what she does, how she acts, how she treats others. She is a wonderful presence at school, inspiring others by her own humility and engagement. 

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The Metta Students Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote kindness and goodwill among high school students and beyond. Metta means love and kindness, and we want to shine light on those bright lights who are paying it forward. High School students who are making their schools, communities and the world a better place. Each month during the school year the Metta Students Foundation recognizes students by awarding them a one thousand dollar grant to help them continue their goal of sharing metta. If we all #sharemetta we can change the world. 

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A non-profit founded to promote acts of kindness by High School students.

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Adreanna Dillen

October 2019 - Wareham, MA

Adreanna Dillen is the epitome of a Metta student, distributing random acts of love and kindness to all around her with no expectations for anything in return. She works tirelessly to help others and has been doing this since her arrival at the high school two years ago. Adreanna is reserved and does not like to bring attention to herself, while she is quietly and constantly thinking of ways to serve others. As a member of the Key Club, Adreanna has served an astounding 200 hours of service in the past two years where she has volunteered her vacation time to be a counselor at a camp in Maine providing respite to families with children who have life-threatening illnesses. 

Aria Montegia

September 2019 - Brockton, MA

It’s 2:15 pm, most students have boarded their buses, on their way home, many are on the athletic fields, others in the band, but afew are in a classroom on the 1st floor of Brockton High School. Looking in the door, you may not be able to identify the activity going on in the room. Some students are playing games, others are working in small groups tackling a homework assignment, and a few are paired up working together. This is not a club, it is PACT (Peers Assistance and Collaboration Team) an afterschool component of a Freshmen Peer Mentoring program. On any given day if you search the room to identify the shyest, and likely most sociald student, you will find Aria at their side, befriending, assisting, helping and making them feel connected. Aria has been a Freshmen mentor for the last three years. Over the last three years, she has volunteered three days a week for two hours after school. 

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