2015-10 - Kaleigh LaPre

In eighth grade Kayleigh LaPre of Cumberland became extremely ill and spent months sick at home. Rather than feel sorry for herself, she felt inspired by the doctors and nurses that helped her get better.

That’s when Kayleigh began her mission to #sharemetta and give back to the community. While recovering, she researched community service to help children. Despite another health setback, her sophomore year she ran her first dosomething.org campaign. Since then, she has tirelessly worked helping others and also got involved in Teens for Jeans. The seventeen year old has collected hundreds of jeans that go to local shelters.

“I believe it is important to give back in order to appreciate what you have. So far, I have been very fortunate, and I am thankful for everything, but I realize that one day, we will all need a helping hand,” states LaPre. “Whether you become sick, homeless, or just need support, ‘we all need somebody to lean on. I believe it is important to help people worldwide, especially since we all have the power to help. Even if you don't have money and a car, there are always ways to help! I also think that as the saying goes, ‘actions speak louder than words’ and that you need to ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’ These are the words I live by and that inspire me to lend a hand and help.”