2020-01 - Maddie Farrell

Metta Students visited Thayer Academy in Braintree, MA today to honor Maddie Farrell. Maddie is our January, 2020 recipient. Our mission is to recognize high school students who perform random acts of love and kindness. Maddie epitomizes what Metta Students is all about.

The entire Thayer Academy Upper School student body gave Maddie a “Standing O” as she was introduced as the 65th Metta Students recipient. Maddie has been leading the Thayer Academy’s Special Olympics program on Saturday mornings for the last two years with enthusiasm, kindness and passion. She is committed and patient, reliable and competent. Maddie does not seek or expect any attention for what she does, how she acts, how she treats others. She is a wonderful presence at school, inspiring others by her own humility and engagement.

We are proud to have Maddie join the Metta Students family. Special thanks Maureen Keleher and the administration at Thayer Academy for giving Metta Students the opportunity to share Maddie’s story. #sharemetta; #mettastudents; #mettastudents.org; #thayeracademy.