2019-10 - Adreanna Dillen

Metta Students visited Wareham High School in today to honor Adreanna Dillen. Adreanna is our October 2019 and 64th Metta Students recipient. Our mission is to recognize high school students who perform random acts of love and kindness.

Adreanna Dillen is the epitome of a Metta student, distributing random acts of love and kindness to all around her with no expectations for anything in return. She works tirelessly to help others and has been doing this since her arrival at the high school two years ago. Adreanna is reserved and does not like to bring attention to herself, while she is quietly and constantly thinking of ways to serve others. As a member of the Key Club, Adreanna has served an astounding 200 hours of service in the past two years where she has volunteered her vacation time to be a counselor at a camp in Maine providing respite to families with children who have life-threatening illnesses. Adreanna also goes to numerous events through the year donating money to nonprofits, she worked to provide activity bags to children admitted overnight into area hospitals and volunteered at Tufts Children's Floating Hospital in Boston.

We are proud to have Adreanna join the Metta Students family. Special thanks Matthew Stanton and the administration at Wareham High School for giving Metta Students the opportunity to share Adreanna’s story. #sharemetta; #mettastudents; #mettastudents.org; #warehamhighschool.