2019-09 - Aria Montegia

Metta Students visited Brockton High School in today to honor Aria Monteiga. Aria is our September 2019 and 63rd Metta Students recipient. Our mission is to recognize high school students who perform random acts of love and kindness. Arai epitomizes what we are all about.

It’s 2:15 pm, most students have boarded their buses, on their way home, many are on the athletic fields, others in the band, but a few are in a classroom on the 1st floor of Brockton High School. Looking in the door, you may not be able to identify the activity going on in the room. Some students are playing games, others are working in small groups tackling a homework assignment, and a few are paired up working together. This is not a club, it is PACT (Peers Assistance and Collaboration Team) an afterschool component of a Freshmen Peer Mentoring program. On any given day if you search the room to identify the shyest, and likely most socially awkward student, you will find Aria at their side, befriending, assisting, helping and making them feel connected. Aria has been a Freshmen mentor for the last three years. Over the last three years, she has volunteered three days a week for two hours after school. Arai, who was in the program as a Freshman, works with Freshman on homework assignments, organizational skills, behavior modifications and connection issues with Freshman students. Her kindness and empathy have made a difference in the school and community.

We are proud to have Aria join the Metta Students family. Special thanks Joanne Nelson and the administration at Brockton High School for giving Metta Students the opportunity to share Aria’s story. #sharemetta; #mettastudents; #mettastudents.org; #brocktonhighschool.