2019-03 - Megan Scott

Metta Students visited Advanced Math & Science Academy Charter School in March to honor Megan Scott. Megan is our March 2019 and 61st Metta Students recipient. Our mission is to recognize high school students who perform random acts of love and kindness. Megan epitomizes what we are all about.

Megan, a senior, has helped lead efforts with community services projects at her school. She has volunteered with Thrive which helps adults with developmental disabilities. Megan has run road races to raise money for the Greater Marlborough & Hudson food banks. She volunteers at The Rivers Edge Arts Alliance to help promote community arts and arts education. Megan has been involved in fundraising activities for Special Olympics. She is partially responsible for helping her team to be recognized as the recipient of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association’s state-wide award dedicated to sportsmanship and community service. Mark Vital, Megan’s coach and nominator, say this “almost all of my younger athletes seek her guidance. Her maturity and genuine empathy towards other people is the best I have ever seen.”

We are proud to have Megan join the Metta Students family. Special thanks Mark Vitale and the administration at Advanced Math & Science Academy Charter School for giving Metta Students the opportunity to share Megan’s story. #sharemetta; #mettastudents; #mettastudents.org; #advanced mathscienceacademycharterschool.