2018-06 - Carl Jean Charles

Metta Students visited Blackstone Academy in Pawtucket, RI in June to honor Carl Jean Charles. Carl Jean is our June 2018 and 54th Metta Students recipient. Our mission is to recognize high school students who perform random acts of love and kindness. Carl Jean epitomizes what we are all about.

Carl Jean, a senior, displays active kindness on a regular basis and goes out of his way to help others out. He has been an essential member of the Rhode Island Youth Advisory Council. For two years, Carl Jean has worked with other young people to plan and run the Dare to Dream conference. This is an annual event focused on empowering students with special needs. He facilitated multiple sessions and played a crucial role in the organization of the conference as a whole. His contributions impacted hundreds of people. This year, Carl Jean is focusing his community improvement efforts internationally. He did extensive research on technology needs in schools outside the US and has partnered with a school in Haiti to help them get technology that will support their students' education. He has already embarked on a fundraising effort and is going to send as many books and computers as he can.

We are proud to have Carl Jean join the Mette Students family. Special thanks Brianna Balke and the administration at Blackstone Academy for giving Metta Students the opportunity to share Carl Jean’s story.