2017-11- Sarah Yvonne Doyle

“I've been working with veterans since the 2nd grade, when my Girl Scout Troupe went to the Veteran’s Transition House. We were volunteering during the Holiday Season, and handed out fresh baked breads while singing in order to earn our Christmas Caroling and Cooking Badges. A few veterans were moved to tears because of our actions that Christmas. It was truly a transformative experience, and has stuck with me all these years.” sixteen year old Sarah Yvonne Doyle of New Bedford, MA said of her volunteering experiences. 

"I now run two separate veteran based non profits through my school. Operation Care Package allows people to donate non-perishable food and health products. We have raised over $20,000 in charitable donations that have been sent to service members deployed Iraq, Afghanistan and Korea. This organization started four years ago, and has grown with the help of my school and the local Veterans of Foreign Wars post.Military Pen Pal is the second organization I run. Student volunteers are encouraged to write letters to soldiers and build written relationships with them. The hope is to spread joy while they are away from their loved ones and friends.” states Doyle.

Now in their third year, the Metta Students non-profit foundation awards $1,000 grants to students who pay it forward or #sharemetta. To date, they have awarded $47,000. On Wednesday, November 15th, the Metta Students Foundation had an award ceremony at the Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School in New Bedford, MA. Members of the media attended.

Norm Kelly, founder of Software Quality Associates in Providence, created the Metta Students Foundation in October of 2012 after learning of one teen’s act of kindness toward another teen. “Metta means love and kindness,” states Norm Kelly. “We are thankful to all of our winners for making a positive difference in the world and for helping us spread the Metta mission to simply be kind and #sharemetta.” 

Henry DeGrace, nominated Doyle saying, “She is a remarkable young woman. She is so selfless in her daily life. If not with her two organizations, she is always trying and helping others. Never does she put herself above others, and she always accomplishes what starts out to do.When other students are talking about what fun they had the night before or over the weekend, she is talking about what she did for the veterans. Sarah’s commitment to veterans and retirees is definitely a lifelong engagement.”