2016-10 - Jodee Frias

The foundation learned about Frias' acts of kindness after receiving a nomination from Amanda Pyne of Middle-High School in Avon, “Jodee is an inspiration. She is constantly looking for a way to improve our school, her community, and the world. She is happiest when she is making someone else happy. She deserves to be recognized for commitment and passion for helping others. What sets her apart: Jodee seems to have an unending supply of enthusiasm. She is constantly looking for ways to be involved and to be a leader. She is headed for great things and a bright future.

Some of the activities Frias is involved in include: the African Library Project where she raised $500 and 1,000 children's books to create a library at the Nyamambisi Primary School in Botswana, Africa. This included the whole community in fundraising and joining together to get the job done. She is also the co-president of Student Council and president of the Interact Club where students do service projects all around the community, including raking lawns of those who need assistance. Frias was also her school’s Project 351 ambassador, a program for leaders with a strong passion for community service as well as the founder of the Avon sector of Girl Up, which is a program through the UN to raise money and awareness for women’s rights in Third World countries.

“I believe that giving back is the best thing anyone can do for our world,” states Frias. “If you are fortunate enough to have something that you can give or you have the tools to help to improve someone’s life, it really is a feeling like no other. If you give back to one person and then that person pays it forward to the next and it continues, then you have made the world a better place just through one small act of kindness.”