2016-05-18-Alexandra Bernardo

Stepping out to help others is just one way dancer and Cape Cod Academy senior Alexandra Bernardo gives back to her community. The West Chatham seventeen-year-old has been sashaying her way and helping others throughout her high school years.

“I have danced in numerous dance marathons and benefit performances with my dance studio to raise money for Friends of Dana Farber to fund breast and ovarian cancer research. I have also danced in many Shelter from the Storm concerts, a benefit concert with performers from many local high schools. This year we raised enough money to completely renovate the Safe Harbor Shelter for battered women and children. Other years the show has raised money for local food pantries, homeless shelters, veterans, and health centers.

I have been privileged to have a wonderful education and the resources to allow me to give back, and it is very important that I use these resources. I am involved in a lot of breast cancer fundraisers because my mom battled the disease when I was in middle school, and I believe that more can be accomplished when there is a personal connection to a cause. I love my home on Cape Cod and it makes me sad knowing that there are people in my community without a safe home, or a home at all. I have taken it upon myself to do what I can to better my local community, because I believe improving a smaller community can yield larger results. Giving back makes those who benefit extremely happy and grateful, and it makes those who give fulfilled as well. It sounds simple, but giving back helps everyone and makes everyone happy!”