2016-04-27-Sara Taborda

Sara Taborda is deeply involved in community service at Saint Raphael Academy. She participates in the vacation camps they organize for children living in low income housing units. With the group she helps give children a place to go, which also gives them the chance to create new friendships and to become part of a greater community. The group creates food and toy baskets for the needy in their community during the holiday season.

“I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Sara Taborda for the last three years at Saint Raphael Academy. During this time, I had exponentially grown to value and admire the impact Sarah has on the students and faculty of Saint Raphael Academy,” states Marc Thibault, Vice Principal of Student Life. “Her wisdom is beyond her years and service to the greater community has been instrumental. Sarah volunteers at soup kitchens, Lasallian Youth, community cleanup projects, participates in sports, nursing homes, preschools, church, peer ministry, student government, and the national honor society. In addition, Sara has been nominated for the Saint Timothy’s Award. This is a national award given annually in the Diocese of Providence to Catholic young people from each Regional Vicariate and one student from each Catholic High School.”

“I personally believe that it is important to give back, because we are responsible, as cohabiters of this planet, to care for one another. Giving back showcases our selflessness and our desire to ensure a good quality of life for all people. Even when we are successful, giving back shows our humility and in turn, makes us better people.”