2016-03 - Sarah Edwards

Despite battling brain cancer and having a tumor removed seventeen year old Sarah Edwards has persevered in doing good for others.

This past holiday season Edwards collected hundreds of toys for the pediatric oncology unit at Tufts Medical Center wanting to give back for all that they did for her while she battled her disease. She created a contest for all Bellingham High students and had each class try to out-give each other. In addition, Edwards has been an instrumental part of starting the very first National Junior Honor Society at Bellingham High for 8th & 9th grade students.

When Edwards noticed that Bellingham did not have a track program for younger students in her town she came up with the idea for a summer “Mini-Meets” series of track nights for children in grades 1-8. She enlisted the help of fellow track students to run each event, purchased 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons to be given out at the end of each evening, and contacted local businesses for donations given as door prizes.

“I think giving back is important to show how truly grateful you are for what someone has done for you, started Edwards, “I wanted to express how much I appreciated the support and guidance I received during the time I was diagnosed with cancer. I also thought it was important to be there for other children who were going through something I could relate to. I know that if I had received a donation like that at the time I would’ve really appreciated and needed it, considering what I was going through.”