2016-02 - Emma Saccoccio

Feelings of confusion, betrayal, depression, mistrust and anxiety describe how video voyeurism victim Emma Saccoccio describes what she experienced after learning someone had been digitally monitoring every move she made in what she thought was a safe location. After the shock wore off, the seventeen year old decided to turn her private pain into a public crusade to help others who have been victims of digital abuse. The Clayville, RI teen created a Facebook page and later the website presspause2think.org.

“PressPause was conceived on November 19th, 2014, within the four walls of my bedroom, the same place my phone rang and altered my life.” states Saccoccio. “Deciding to start PressPause was an easy decision; I had been a victim of video voyeurism for eight months and I was done letting it overpower me. It was time for change. I got my laptop out and started the Facebook page “PressPause.”

Now Saccoccio spends her time speaking to educators, parents and students about her painful experience with digital abuse, in particular, video voyeurism, to inform them about the affect it can have. While she says sharing her experience publicly with so many people is difficult, she knows her mission is to warn others that this could happen to anybody. Her strength and ability to put her pain aside in order to help others makes Saccoccio a perfect candidate for a Metta Students grant.