2015-01 - Sophie Nerone

The January 2015 recipient of the Metta Student’s Foundation $1,000 grant is Sophie Nerone of the East Bay School in Newport, Rhode Island.

Sophie accompanied her mother, founder of the Rock-Paper-Scissors Children’s Fund, to volunteer for the organization serving underprivileged children in Vietnam.

Sophie was nominated by her advisor at the East Bay Met School who describes her service best, saying, “Through starting a non-profit with her family and volunteering through that non-profit in the summers, Sophie shares her love for music and the arts with students who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Additionally, Sophie shares this unique light she has with her school community by bringing the stories from her work in Vietnam back with her. Sophie is a young person who is filled with compassion for others and a brilliant mind that fights against the injustices of the world with her violin. I am inspired by young people who decide to make the world a little bit brighter by seeing a place where they can make a difference and going after it with all their heart. Sophie is one such young person and it is an honor to be a part of her journey.”