2014-05 - Cranston West High School Basketball Team

The Metta Students Foundation is pleased to award the Cranston West High School basketball team with the Metta Students Foundation grant for the month of May. They join the April 2014 winners in being honored due to their supportive inclusion of Cole Campbell, a freshman playing on their opponent’s team for one special game. Cole suffers from Tubular sclerosis, a rare brain disease that causes serious seizures. He was invited to get to play on the basketball team with his brother for a few minutes in their game against Cranston West.

“My goal for the night was to have my two sons play together on the court for one time in their lives before my son Tom graduated,” says Coventry Basketball Head Coach, Tom Campbell, “Cole has some special needs and is not able to fully play basketball on a varsity or JV level. I thought the best part was going to be seeing Cole and Tom on the floor at the same time. Honestly that became secondary to what happened for everyone in that gym. To watch the reactions and the sportsmanship of Cranston West and the energy and excitement of all the fans became the best part of the night. I have never been in a gym where everyone was supporting the same thing. Usually the gym is divided for their respective teams. Those two minutes that Cole played everyone in that gym was supporting him and the moment. Truly Special!“

The Metta Students Foundation is pleased to honor this team with a grant.