2014-04 - Coventry High School Basketball Team

A once in a lifetime chance is the way Coventry High School freshman Cole Campbell describes the evening of February 21st, when he got to play in a high school basketball game alongside his big brother, senior Tom Campbell for the very first time.

Cole suffers from Tubular sclerosis, a rare brain disease that causes serious seizures. By the age of 8 he underwent three brain surgeries and required some special accomodations at school. As team manager Cole normally cheers the players on from the side lines but, with the blessing of both teams, Cole was in the game that night. The magical metta moment came quickly, when Cole took the first handoff from big brother Tom and landed a three-pointer, followed by three other three-pointers to win the game.

Both teams were enthusiastic and supportive of Cole’s participation in the game that day, and thus, The Metta Students Foundation is honored to provide both teams with a Metta Students Grant.