2014-03 - Allison Quicho

Peers and educators describe Allison as always being there for those in need. “She came to me asking what she could do to help the needy in our school,” says Tiverton High School Guidance Counselor Cathy Winston, “she then put together a holiday basket with gifts and necessities for some of our neediest students.

When her best friend was dying from cancer, she donated her hair to Locks of Love and now she continues to keep Megan's memory alive by coordinating "Miles for Megan" which funds a scholarship in her young friend's name. This summer when she was made aware of a bullying situation, she called me to ensure that the youngster was okay. She has the integrity and courage to do the right thing at all times”

“I believe it is important to get involved in your community, because providing help and assistance that other people need is very gratifying to them as well as one’s self,” says Quicho. “The more effort people make to make a difference in someone’s life, the greater reward there is in gaining self-confidence and perspective on how to continue to make the world a better a place. More specifically, when I’m involved, I feel grateful that I made someone else smile. Much like a picture, a smile is worth a thousand words.