2013-12 - Andrew Lanni

Quiet, caring, and unassuming are words often used to describe Andrew Lanni. Despite losing both his parents at a young age, the Bishop Hendricken Junior has always persevered.

Andrew’s Homeroom teacher, Kathy Bellavance nominated Andrew, stating, “Leadership for Andrew is natural thing. The place I see this the most is in school working with the Options Program. This is a program that allows special needs students to be part of the Hendricken community. Andrew works with them in the statewide unified sport leagues, both basketball and volleyball. He was recently asked to be part of the Special Olympic Youth Forum.

Andrew is also one of the leaders in the recycling program at Hendricken. He belongs to a homeroom that tries to show the school community the importance of being green and recycling. He is the junior representative for the core group. Andrew is also involved in the Sea Scouts. He is the top youth leader which is called the boatswain. This position allows him to be a mentor and teacher for the younger seamen.