2013-01 - Eliza DeCubellis

Caring and spirited are words that aptly describe Eliza DeCubellis of Narragansett. Her decision to create a mission to Glenmary Farm in Lewis County, Kentucky as her senior project earned her the Metta Students Foundation’s $1,000 scholarship.

On the mission, Eliza and her team will rotate through various work sites building and repairing houses for the impoverished, administering food to the needy, and providing services to the elderly and physically and mentally disabled at local health and rehabilitation centers. In addition, Eliza has taken on the task of fundraising for the entire trip so that even those students who cannot afford to go, but would like to help others, can still participate. This involves Eliza raising in excess of $10,000.

The Metta Students Foundation was pleased to honor Eliza as the January 2013 recipient of their grant.