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Her goal is to raise $50,000 in just seven weeks to become Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Student of the Year. It is that drive, determination and caring that makes16 year old Alison Hornung of North Kingstown the 40th Metta Student winner.

“I am on the executive board of “Best Buddies” at my school, says Horning “I have been raising money for pediatric cancer and leukemia since I was in 8th grade.”

Horning says she became involved with this cause because one her friends was diagnosed with leukemia. That sparked her passion for pediatric cancer and leukemia awareness because she wanted to help her friend, It also made her realize how many others are going through the same terrible reality that her friend endured during her treatment. In addition, Hornung has also done some canned food drives and donated the food to local food pantries.

Monday, January 30th the Metta Students foundation awarded Alison $1,000. at North Kingstown High School. Now in their third year and expanding into Massachusetts, the non-profit awards $1,000 grants to students who #sharemetta.

Norm Kelly, founder of Software Quality Associates in Providence, created the Metta Students Foundation in October of 2012 after learning of one teen’s act of kindness towards another teen. “Metta means love and kindness,” states Norm Kelly. “We are thankful to all of our winners for making a positive difference in the world and for helping us spread the metta mission to simply be kind and #sharemetta.”

North Kingstown High School Guidance Counselor Liz Parvo Brown sent in the nomination say-ing, “Ali is a remarkable young lady, who always conducts herself with grace and a kind spirit. Ali is a strong student who has challenged herself over high school career with a rigorous academic course load of college preparatory and honors courses, but has also managed to fit in a number of elective courses that have allowed her to explore her artistic side—including drama, mixed chorus, photography, and most recently, advanced art courses. What impresses me most about Ali is how she utilizes her talents to benefit those around her in need.”

“It is important to give back because it is the greatest happiness anyone can feel. By making someone else happy and spreading positivity and love you are doing what every person was meant to do. Helping others is so important because you are bringing them happiness, giving them opportunities, and in some cases giving them a second chance at life,” states Hornung.

It is for all of these reasons that the Metta Students is proud to have awarded Hornung one thousand dollars.