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Norm Kelly

Norm Kelly was one of the original founders of Software Quality Associates, a leading software quality assurance consulting firm based in Providence, RI. Norm played a pivotal role in taking the company from a small startup in 1999 to the innovative and dynamic company it is today.

Over the years Norman helped to define the Software Quality Associates culture and values, streamline its methodology, and most importantly, develop the strategic solutions that have allowed its clients to achieve their quality assurance goals.

In September of 2012, Norm was inspired by a story he heard in a yoga class of a high school student’s kind, selfless act toward another student. He founded the Metta Students Foundation as a way to promote acts of kindness among today’s youth. Metta means kindness in the ancient Sanskrit language used by yogis worldwide. The Metta Students Foundation gives $1,000 grants to high school students who perform random acts of love and kindness. Norm hopes to share Metta around the country to inspire all students to work to improve each other’s lives. Norm graduated from Rhode Island College in 1984 with a BS in Political Science.